CARS: Formula 1 goes green.

In a bid to ditch the ‘polluting, heavy carbon-footprint’ image of Formula 1, the FIA the sport’s governing body decided to introduce some new rules to the 2013 season.

The FIA recently approved a switch to new smaller, more efficient engines. The new 1.6-litre engines will replace the current 2.4-litre V8s as part of F1’s drive to improve economy and lower emissions. The new units will have a 12,000rpm limit, with an advanced version of the current KERS system keeping the horsepower numbers between seasons fairly similar.

As well as the emissions, another rule will mean teams will only be allowed five engines per season from 2013, and this will be reduced to four from 2014. Gearboxes will have to last five races, not the four at present.

Other differences can be found at the Alan Henry blog.

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