Graduation Ceremony

Late November, I was asked to attend the University of Westminster 2010 graduation at the Royal Festival Hall, as a friend of the family. I decided to take along my camera. 🙂

In my opinion, The RFH is one of the architecturally ‘duller’ buildings along the South Bank skyline; its upstaged by the massive London Eye, the geometric/symmetrical lines of the Shell Centre and the skate park underneath just off the path. So, I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the outside.

On the contrary, the auditorium was jaw-droppingly amazing. The auditorium has recently under gone a 2 year restoration and looks every bit the part. The ceremony got underway and I swapped out to the 70-200L, my favourite lens. Took all the pictures at the long end of the lens range, considering the lighting the pictures turned out well.

The graduant has asked me not to upload any pictures of her, so the ones below are all the ones I managed to sneek in between people pictures.





Pissed as there was a fence in the way, couldn’t clone it out.

i c u p. *childish laughter*



Bubbles I.

Bubbles II.

Ben in the wheel.

Still my favourite building in London, looking forward to seeing what the new developers come up with.



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