TECH: China releases its own Twitter, @Dalai_Lama blocked already.

China’s propaganda department has just released an identical twin to our favourite 140 word limited social network, albeit controlled by the government.

‘Red’ the micro-blogging will be used to publicise and promote the ‘perfect’ chinese government and the ideal chinese revolutionary spirit.

So far, the messages seem to be living up to that ideal: “I really like the words by Chairman Mao that ‘the world is ours; we should work together’,” microblogged Bo Xilai, a local party secretary.

So enjoy it while you can, before @kimkardashian starts flogging dieting pills, @coco twitpics more pictures of her ridiculous silicon-enhanced ass or random people update you on their lunch/dinner/stalking plans.

Just don’t mention the Tiberians…


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