TECH: BlackBerry Playbook to launch March 2011.

Engadget, just posted up a speculative prediction that Research In Motion will release the eagerly awaited Playbook in March 2011. The dual-core tablet was announced a few months ago at RIM’s annual BlackBerry Developer Conference. Interestingly there are rumours spreading through the apple fan boy world that Feb/March 2011 will be when the iPad 2 is to be announced.

To make the battle even more interesting, Google are to release Honeycomb OS (the Google take on a tablet) running the Android operation system.

This should be interesting … *sits back, pours himself a cold jack and coke*

Edit 07.01.11: The guys Stateside got to get their hands on the eagerly awaited Playbook at CES today, Engadget gave us a hands on review:

There’s a camera in the center and a classy embossed BlackBerry logo and that’s it. On top there are very small but easily pushed buttons (the device’s only physical controls): volume, play / pause, and a power / lock button. Along the bottom edge are mini-HDMI, micro USB and charging plugs. The front is free of visible controls, but along the edge of the screen are actually capacitive sensors that let you swipe in from the edge.

The screen itself is wonderful. It’s very bright, colors are pitch-perfect, and the viewing angle is all you could ask for (iPad-level or better). The pixel density is great at 1024 x 600, which generates the same 170 ppi of the Galaxy Tab, versus the iPad’s 132 pip. Touch responsiveness is mostly great, though we had a bit of trouble with some smaller controls at times, which could possibly be a software fault at this stage.

A base model will come with only WiFi for connectivity, though there will also be a WiMAX version out on Sprint in the summer. You can also tether with a BlackBerry smartphone over Bluetooth if you’ve got a hankering to BBM and only 7-inches of keyboard will satisfy. Under the hood is an (unnamed) dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor.


Check the BBM icon!

More at: Engadget.


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