TECH: 50 Cent releases 50 Cent Platinum headphones.

Following the crowd, 50 Cent today announced at CES his partnership with Sleek Audio to release his very own headphones. Stepping up to Dre and Monster in more than one sense, eh?

We’re told 50 was behind the design of the headphones, and Sleek engineered the wireless cans.

Specifically these are the first headphones ever to offer ‘Wireless Hybrid’ technology with military-grade metals. The Sleek by 50 Cent Platinum headphones utilise Kleer lossless wireless technology, with a 60 foot range and a micro-USB rechargeable battery. If you run out of juice, there’s a detachable mic cable that can be jacked in for continued listening. The cans themselves house a pair of 50mm dynamic drivers, a customised internal amplifier.

Taking the ‘wirelessness’ into account they should cost a little more than the Monster x Dre Beats. No ETA yet.

Update 09.01.11 – Engadget got their hands on a demo pair (although they didnt work!)

Source: Engadget



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