TECH & CARS: Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid.

So all hybrids are boring, dull and uninteresting Priuses? Not anymore. Porsche have torn the rule book (printed on recycled paper of course!) up and thrown it out of the eco friendly window.

Following on from the Mercedes SLS E-cell I covered a few weeks back, the supercar electric/ hybrid market doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Porsche opened the 2011 North America Auto Show in Detroit earlier today. The hybrid electric race car is based on the 918 Spyder’s V-8 engine and 911 GT3 hybrid.

When working together the engine and motors can push this RSR with 767hp, still think this technology is lame?

It has a 563hp petrol burning internal combustion engine mounted at the rear, a pair of electric motors powering the front wheels bring the total power up to a whopping 767. However the real clever bit about the setup is, the electric motors aren’t powered by a set of batteries as more hybrids are, instead they draw their  power from an inertial flywheel mounted where the passenger seat would sit on a road car and spinning at up to 36,000rpm. (WHAT!!!) That’s spun up by momentum when the car brakes. The driver then hits a button, that momentum is converted to give a turbo/ nitrous like boost. If I remember correctly Audi pioneered this technology.


Show pics:

That inertia fly-wheel:

Library pics:

Just in case you forget…

Porsche will be releasing the 918 Hybrid as a racecar only at the moment, but hopefully the technology will trickle down into road cars soon.

Read more: Porsche 918 RSR: Porsche kicks off auto show with hybrid race car | | Detroit Free Press




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