TECH: 2011 BlackBerry Line-up managed to get their hands on the 2011 Blackberry road-map by RIM.

The roadmap shows their projections for the year, and new releases for the range.

So the phones:

Blackberry Dakota aka Bold.

Traditionally the Bold has always been the ‘cream of the crop’ in RIM’s range, and theres no difference now. RIM have tried fitting the QWERTY keyboard and Touch-screen features into a device this sized before, but in my opinion, failed. This is definitely a win.
No solid specs yet, but expect a device to be a similar size to the current 9700/9780 but higher display resolution, RAM upgrade, NFC, mobile hotspot capability and thin form factor. The phone will also include HD video recording and OS 6.1 (or above).

Blackberry Apollo aka Curve.

As I mentioned earlier, the Bold will be the company’s flagship product, however the company’s best selling product the Curve is due a well deserved upgrade too. Updates include a higher (unknown spec’d) screen, HSPA, a 5-megapixel camera, and an 800MHz CPU, the brand new BlackBerry Curve definitely won’t be a slouch. The styling flows very well on the Curve pictured above with smooth angles and… curves. The phone also appears sleek and perfectly proportioned.

Blackberry Torch II

Supposed to be RIM’s best product to date, the Torch was nearly as much a fail as the Storm. The Torch was a major disappointment for me, for a phone that could have finally been that iPhone but with that QWERTY everyone with fat fingers wanted it failed to materialise I think personally.

The BlackBerry Torch 2 should rapid, I mean really fast with its 1.2GHz CPU, VGA-resolution screen and large built-in storage. Again, these specs aren’t going to make anyone’s head spin in Q3 2011, but they’ll definitely give the Torch the shot of espresso it so desperately needs.

Blackberry Monaco aka Storm 3 (maybe)

The first BlackBerry Storm, internally referred to as an “Apple Killer” and arguably one of the worst handsets ever to created by Research In Motion , shares nothing with the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3 — no SurePress screen, no clunky hardware, no slow processor. This new full touchscreen device will be powered by a 1.2GHz CPU and feature the highest resolution display to ever ship on a BlackBerry — 800 x 480 pixels. We’ll have to see how it plays out in the marketplace, though, because by the time it is released in Q3, there will be much, much more advanced handsets with much more robust operating systems.

So how will RIM fair in the game against the iPhone/iOS and Google/ Android? Hit me up in comments/ facebook/ twitter.

More at: BGR.



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