TECH: Blackberry Balance

One of the most frequently asked questions when dealing with corporate blackberries and BES systems is, ‘is there a way that I can have my work emails and personal stuff on the blackberry at the same time?’ The answer, until now, has been a no.

Corporates, those suit-wearing guys, don’t want to have to carry 2 phones around. Using a Blackberry as a personal device whilst still pushing work related data to the handhelds, this was dangerous for the corporation. It was difficult to strike up a compromise too, many admins straight off dismissed or disregarded IT policies that allowed any personal data on the handheld. However this is all set to change …

RIM today released a new tool, the BlackBerry Balance at a corporate event in Boston, a tool that will give the enterprise BES admin’s the facilities to manage, wipe, and encrypt the work-related content on the employees BlackBerry whilst having no control or contact with the personal information including social network apps, photos and the web browser.

The tool *should* be available to all handhelds (running OS 5/6), and will be installed server side, this is speculation on my part. I don’t know how it works yet. RIM have however announced it will work on the Playbook (due for release in March)

Still my favourite berry.

No news on a release date yet (hopefully sometime over the next 2 months), shall  keep you posted.



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