ART: Artist destroys Apple products in the name of Art.

Artist Michael Tompert takes Apple’s products and wrecks them with blowtorches, sledgehammers, handsaws and handguns. His large-scale prints of the detritus are surprisingly colourful and beautiful.

As with most successes, the concept was discovered by mistake; Tompert got the idea after getting his kids iPod touches to play with. They fought over them, so he took them away. Trying to explain that they are only silly gadgets, he smashed one in front of them.

Oddly, the ex-Apple employee buys all the items he destroys brand new or nearly brand new; Tompert has destroyed the iPhone 4, the iPad, iPod nanos and MacBook Airs. It can get quite expensive. He got the iPhone 4 on eBay.

It had no contract but the screen was cracked. It still cost him $800. He smashed it with an 8lb sledgehammer and called the print “Must Have.”

The exhibition ran in San Francisco over 12-14 November, however the prints can still be purchased at



Magic Mouse:



Macbook Air:

Read more at: CultofMac


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