REVIEW: Sneakerpedia website. (UPDATED)

Missed the launch down in Hoxton a few weeks back, but @sneakerpedia were kind enough to send me a unique code to access the beta site recently.

The aim of the sneakerpedia site is to archive and catalogue sneakers/ kicks throughout the years. All sneakerheads are catered for; from old school Jordan heads to New Balancers (huh?)

The main thing I love about the site is the clean, easy to use and minimal interface. The thing to remember is the site is still in beta, so the guys @sneakerpedia are still refining the site. If you already have your code, hit the feedback button and let them know what you think.

Can’t wait for the forums and trading section!

The site is an essential resource for any sneakerhead, whether they want info on that newly discovered deadstock about or the next kicks on that wishlist.

Big up Footlocker, @chrisPcuts and @sneakerpedia every time!


update 14.1.11 – release date seems to 28.2.2011 with no hiccups.

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