TECH: Twitter and Google release Speak2Tweet service for the Egyptians.

As we’ve been hearing on the news over the past few days, the Egyptian government have shut down all internet access, including access to the increasingly important social networking sites. Twitter and Facebook have been instrumental in the uprising, with the networks used to promote and co-ordinate protests across Tunisia and Egypt.

The Egyptian government have gone as far as to block all ISP traffic to the internet, block SMS’s, emails and all mobile phone calls. (Human rights anyone?)

Luckily, Google and Twitter have stepped up to the plate and offered the people of Egypt a new service, Speak2Tweet.

The service allows users to call 3 specified numbers, leave a voicemail and the voicemail will be tweeted under the @Speak2tweet handle. So far over 800 messages have been posted to the @speak2tweet account, with most of them originating from the troubled African state.
A number of services have now begun translating and transcribing the messages, such as the volunteer site Alive in Egypt.

Google listed three phone numbers for people to call to use the service. They are: +16504194196; +390662207294; and +97316199855.


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