TECH: BMW Connected, always on internet connection. (UPDATED!)

Not long ago, people were connecting and disconnecting their 56k modems in order to get their internet fix. We all welcome broadband with open arms, mainly I because I could relax without the fear of my mum shouting “get off the phone, don’t block my line.”

Technology has progressed since the late nineties, and now BMW and AT&T have signed a contract to install an ‘always on’ internet connection in your BMW of choice.
At the moment the aims are to pull down data for traffic information, weather conditions, and probably some less useful stuff too. (First one to read my blog in their Bimmer gets a prize…)

Engadget mentioned:
“No word on which cars this will first make an appearance in nor whether it’ll allow for Leaf-like remote car maintenance nor, indeed, how much it will cost.”

Another case of Back to the Future…


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edit 1.3.11 – BMW’s first 1 series cars are starting to hit the American streets come early March. With the new €150 (about $205) option, users can stream radio and even video (when stationary) on a dash embedded monitor.

Once activated, your suitably equipped car you can then get your Facebook and Twitter feeds read to you and even provide automated responses using “vehicle information such as current speed, outside temperature or navigation destination.” Woohoo!


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