TECH: Facebook in 20 mins. (UPDATED!)

Quite an interesting one here, with the success of social networking over the past few years; and being the nerd I am I’ve been looking for a way to quantify the sheer number of users and how they interact with their friends and family online. I came across the TechAlphabet article earlier, that outline ‘Facebook in 20 mins’. The numbers are definitely eye-opening.

Below are the stats listed per 20 Minutes:

Tagged photos: 1.3 million

Event invites sent out: 1.5 million

Wall Posts: 1.6 million

Status updates: 1.8 million

Friend requests accepted: 1.97 million

Photos uploaded: 2.7 million

Comments: 10.2 million

Messages: 4.6 million.

On a similar note, Late night year, a Facebook engineer, Paul Butler, an engineering intern at Facebook mapped out a sample of Facebook friendships worldwide. His quest began when he became curious as to whether country or physical location had a big impact on friendships. In other words, he wondered if people had a lot of friends who lived far away from them, perhaps around the world. So he took a sample of 10 million friendship pairs from the Facebook database and made this image.

Check more at: DigitalTrends.


edited 1.3.11 – the was visualised here:



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