TECH: iPad 2 rumours (UPDATED!)

Since the dawn of the iPad, Apple fanboys have been speculating the improvements the second generation will carry.

MacRumours, recently announced that they had confirmation from three major news outlets that:

  • front facing camera, to compliment the FaceTime functionality throughout the Mac range.
  • possible rear facing camera, speculation to an iPhone-esque rear facing camera.
  • 128GB storage capacity.
  • Slimmer with higher resolution screen – least likely however one source have indicated these improvements.


edit 1.3.11 – well as we near the announcement and launch of the iPad2, the usual Apple/ Mac rumour mills are working overtime on the details of the world’s favourite tablet computer.

So the changes:

  • Apple seemed to have pulled the plug on the integrated SD Card slot, details are sketchy but me thinks its to sell the £30 Camera Connector kit.
  • Another feature to be pulled from the final release will the retina display. Again details are sketchy, but Engadgets sources state ‘engineering issues’.

Features that remain (we think!) :

  • Front facing camera, this is guaranteed pretty much. All the samples have had one.
  • Rear facing camera, a possibility. Fairly likely.
  • Increased RAM, 512MB. With the increasing complexity and scope of the iOS and demanding App Store apps, more RAM will future proof the device against its increasing competitors.
  • Processor, Apple are likely to fit their own 1GHz A4 or slightly revised A5 processor to the ‘pad2.
  • Slimmer, atheistically the iPad2 is likely to be smaller, thinner but with the same screen real estate.

This is all speculation, we’ll all know definitely around 18.30, on the 7.3.11. Stay tuned kids!

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