ART: Banksy x L.A

As soon as ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ was nominated for an Oscar, the words on everyones lips “will he turn up.”

Well Banksy, the ever illusive artist, has made it to whether he will or won’t turn up only he knows. But he hasn’t wasted any time making his mark in Lost Angels. With a number of murals spotted late last week, and a few more cropping up over the weekend, even if he doesn’t turn up, at least we can appreciate his art.


Sunset Boulevard Billboard:

Charlie Brown piece:

Crayon boy:

Doggy Style:

I’m sure they’ll be more to come, check back for updates.


Pink Elephant:

28.2.11: More:

Superstar Rat – apparently some underlying Mexican immigration undertones in this one. It was painted 40 miles away from the Mexican border.

1.3.11 – More:



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