CARS: Bugatti Galibier.

So Bugatti just muscled in on the 4 seater/ supercar fun, with the Galibier. With Aston Martin producing the Rapide, Porsche the Panemera, Ferrari the FF, Maserati the Quattroporte GT and Lamborghini debuting their concept recently.

CAR just ran an article on the beast:

“Not only will the Galibier be very exclusive and very costly, British magazine CAR is reporting that the W16 engine from the Veyron will be ported over with its dual-clutch gearbox, albeit with a twist – it will also be available with optional hybrid power. The dual-power system is being developed because an increasing number of metropolitan city centers are taking steps to curb or ban internal combustion cars firing up in downtown areas, and Bugatti owners aren’t exactly the type to take mass transit.”

Availability and Price:

“While the Veyron’s production run has been earmarked at 300 units, the Galibier is to increase that tenfold to 3,000 units, but the price will still be steep – CAR estimates the privilege of ownership will cost upwards of £1 million ($1.62M dollars).”

Recession, what recession?



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