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Fellow Londoners, If you see someone sle

Fellow Londoners, If you see someone sleeping rough give their location to 0870 3833333 or so they can get them indoors !! Please share 🙂


asking people to work today is a waste o

asking people to work today is a waste of time.

playing around with colourful spreadshee

playing around with colourful spreadsheets on your monitor always gives the impression of being very busy.

50 Hiliarious Drake Gifs.

50 Hiliarious Drake Gifs.

Complex’s compilation of 50 Hiliarious Drake Gifs have been killing me this afternoon.

What are your favourites?

KICKS: Air Force 1 x Supreme

KICKS: Air Force 1 x Supreme

Bun B got his, did you?

PICS:14 November 2012

total solar eclipse …

Pictures of the day: 14 November 2012 – Telegraph.

CARS: Rolls Royce Bespoke going after that Arab Money.

CARS: Rolls Royce Bespoke going after that Arab Money.

Recession … what recession?

Rolls Royce, the legendary English firm never fails to promote up-to-date luxury and believing that the Arab shiekhs, royal families and any other Arab have too much money sitting in that sovereign fund they’ve released the Rolls-Royce Arabian Nights Edition Ghost.

“For 2013, Rolls-Royce is giving a handful of Ghosts special “One Thousand and One Nights” bespoke treatment. Essentially, tributes to Arabian Nights. It is a tribute as well to the Bespoke department, which kills it with unique paint scheme—matte brown and caramel—and adds small visual details that mix West/South Asian folklore into the story. DVD screens in the setbacks and an improved sound system keep things humming inside.”

Asking price? Oh, just a quarter million more than the base Ghost ticket.